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Build an Intelligent Home with FIBARO Home Center

by | October 17, 2018
Build an Intelligent Home with FIBARO Home Center

Build an Intelligent Home with FIBARO Home Centre

Home automation is no longer a science fiction! While traditionally these systems were an inclusion in high-end houses, recent advances in technology have put this technology within reach of customers. Now, home automation systems like FIBRARO home centre have become much more cost-effective.

From switching off the lights when no-one is around the house, to automatically set the temperature before you get home from work, the latest devices are making hands-free automation a reality. Yes, thanks to incredible advances in smart technology, automating the devices that make up your smart home ecosystem is now becoming a reality. People who have automated their home with FIBARO home centre are enjoying something of a renaissance.

FIBARO home Centre:

FIBARO home centre lite is an advanced automation system which uses a web-based, a rich graphic user interface for simple programming. You can control your home through a wide range of native apps, voice control by Google assistant or Amazon Alexa, or truly smart automation.

The controllers manage all FIBARO devices as well most of the third party z-wave devices with a wide library built-in drivers for multimedia that include security alarm systems, smart TV’s, thermostats, lighting fixtures, and media players. For larger homes with multiple rooms in different locations, this device allows you to network several home centres into one system.

Security: With FIBARO home centre, the lights of the car can be turned on automatically to help you walk in the dark. In case the alarm goes off, the authorities can be alerted, and a message can be sent to your cell phone by the system.

Drapes: The drapes of the room can be opened and closed with the home automation system.

Lighting: The lights can be turned on and off. Also, you can also set the light for dim and bright light with the help of voice assistants.

Thermostat: The FIBARO can be programmed to run the central heating and cooling system. It helps you to save more energy.

Audio/Video: with the help of a home automation system connected to voice assistants you can turn on and off the music system or television. 

Lawn sprinklers: You can activate the sprinklers as per the schedule settings.

Vacuuming: Robotic vacuum cleaners can automatically glide over the carpet to help you keep the house neat and clean.

Understanding home automation:

A fully automated home may seem to be a complex machine comprised of a number of independent but communicating parts, also known as smart devices. Whether you are using it for lighting or security purpose, every smart device in the home automation carries out a different job, but all of them carry out primary roles including:

  • They sense or detect things like temperature, movement, light, and sound
  • They process information
  • They respond to inputs given

The sensors are like the eyes and ears of an automated home; they receive inputs and respond accordingly.  Automate your home with FIBARO home centre lite and enjoy the luxury of home automation!