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Dealership Announcement - Brinno

by | February 12, 2019
Dealership Announcement - Brinno

We are pleased to announce new partnership between Smartest Home and Brinno.Brinno is a manufacturer of cost effective, easy to use time lapse and security cameras.BRINNO time lapse weather-resistant cameras are perfect solution for construction projects or create best family memories.By using our system you can easily record the project  progress during construction period.
Brinno cares for your family. unique smart door cam that offers a high degree of safety, and makes it one of the most practical home security devices on the market.Unlike other doorbells ,the Brinno DUO is designed to be hidden and theft-proof, keeping your front door unaltered and perfect for apartment renters.

As you are  ware our company is known for its finest delivery of Smart Home systems. By integration of our Smart Home solution and BRINNO Security system you can benefit from our fully integrated home automation package.The dealership agreement  with BRINNO surely helps us enrich and enhance our existing services and also introduce newer service.
For more information and see how the BRINNO System Works click here.

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