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Smart Alarm and Security with Fibaro

by | March 4, 2020
Smart Alarm and Security with Fibaro

Fibaro HC2 and HC lite could be configured to utilise sensors for Smart home security purposes.
To configure Fibaro for Smart home security purposes below configurations should be made:

1- Setting up access controls
2- Setting up alarm panel
3- Setting up sensors
4- Setting up Alarm actions
5- Managing User Interface

Setting up access control

An important aspect of every smart security system is who can arm and disarm it as well as who receives notifications when a breach has happened.
To create a new user co to HC configuration and select “access control” and add a new user.

Fibaro smart alaram configuration access control

We call our user “Leon” in this example.

Setting up the alarm panel

For the Fibaro HC to work as a security system we need to set up the alarm panel.
To do this go to “Panels” and select “Alarm panel” and then “Advanced”

Smart Fibaro alarm 2

Click on “Configure”

Fibaro smart alaram configuration panel

Click on “Yes” and then Set a Pin number

Smart fibaro Alram pin code

The Alarm panel configuration is now complete.

fibaro smart alram configuration

Setting up sensors

Sensors must be configured for the alarm system to work. The configuration would be as following:
1-Delay in Arming or Disarming sensor when system is Armed or Disarmed
2-Status of the sensor before Arming. This setting is used to allow or prevent the system from Arming if the sensor is in safe or unsafe mode.
3-Including the sensor in the Alarm system.
To set the above configuration go to the device (Sensor) and select advanced:

Fibaro smart alram configuration 3

Setting up Alarm Actions

In addition to the above we need to configure the actions which system takes when a breach has happened.
The actions could include but not limited to the following:
2-Running specific scenarios
To configure a notification go to “Panels” and select “Notification Panel” and create a new notification like below screen shot:

Fibaro smart alaram Configuration 5

In the next step we are going to create a scene to detect if a breach has happened and trigger the “Alarm_Detected” notification:
Create a Scene and name it “Alarm_Triggered”

Fibaro smart alram configuration 6

Make sure you tick the “Do not allow alarm to stop the scene while alarm is running”, this allows the scene to run even if an alarm has happened.
The Scene triggers “Alarm_Detected” notification if an Alarm Breach is detected:

Fibaro scene configuration

The value of the Dummy Variable “SecTrig” is Always Zero.
You can also program the Scene to start siren, turn lights on or off etc.
The “Alarm_Triggered” Scene will not run automatically and we need to add it to the alarm Actions by going to the Alarm Panel and select the “Advanced” tab:

Fibaro smart alram configuration 9

You can Activate or Deactivate all of the other Pre-existing actions as well as adding a new action by clicking on “Add Action”.
Add “Alarm_Triggered” scene to the list of Actions and “Activate” it.

Fibaro Smart Alram configuration 11

Fibaro smart alaram configuration12

Managing User Interface

In this step we setup the user interface.
Basically you can Arm and Disarm each sensor by clicking on individual sensor and select Arm or Disarm.

fibaro sensor configuration

In most cases we need to Arm/Disarm the entire house or different areas which can include multiple sensors.
One way of Arming and Disarming a group of sensors is to create a dummy room and include all security sensors into that room. In this example we create a room called “Security” and move all security sensors into that room.

fibaro sensors

Once the room is created you can click on the Alarm icon on mobile app:

fibaro alarm icon

Then select the Security room and then Arm the room which Arms all of the sensors in the Security room.

security room

When Disarming the Security Room a Pin pad will be displayed which you need to enter the pic code which you set at the beginning in the alarm panel configuration.

alarm pin code

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