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Smart Security Systems

by Sean Nezhad | January 13, 2019
Smart Security Systems

What is a Smart Security system?

A smart security system uses the wireless technology, home networks, and the prevalence of mobile phones to integrate your security with home automation system. From door sensors to wireless CCTV footage , a smart security system means you can customise monitor, and manage your security systems anywhere, at any time, from your mobile phone.

Nowadays you don't have to hire an expensive professional to install your home security system. Do-it-yourself security kits include everything you need to get started to monitor your home or small business including motion and door/window sensors, a loud siren and surveillance camera. Some security kits even provide smart home control, so you can add third-party accessories or set up automation network between various smart devices operating in your home.

What are the benefits of a smart security system?

In addition to the security benefits of smart security systems, there are several other benefits for the home or business owners who choose a smart system:


Price. Install only the sensors and security systems you want to use and where you want to use them. This reduces unnecessary and unwanted costs, giving you much more control over the expenditure. In addition, DIY setup saves significant amount of labour cost.

Ease of use.  you don’t need to pay someone else to install your systems, you can set your security up easily and quickly. Most of the smart security systems have user friendly interface. Everything syncs with your phone, so it couldn’t be simpler to use and setup. Also you can have same application in multiple devices for all household.

Monitor your home anytime, anywhere. No matter where you are in the world, you’ll have the ability to monitor your home security systems from your smartphone.

Recommended Smart Security Systems

A)   Smanos K2

Smanos Security K2

Smanos K2 is a stylish user friendly DYI smart security system. The K2 is Smanos's latest wireless, integrated smart home and security gateway. The Smanos K2 offers on-site and remote smartphone operation of up to 50 connected but wireless, DIY-friendly, battery-powered devices, including sensors (door/window, intrusion/motion, water and more), UFO panoramic camera and a video doorbell. A proud winner of Red Dot Product Design and Computex d&i Gold Awards, the K2 works with Amazon® Alexa, bridges with Nest® thermostats, and will work with Z-Wave® Plus devices and Philips® Hue lights soon, rendering the powers of K2-enabled smart homes virtually limitless, all on one single app
Each Smanos Smart Security kit package includes a Hub, x2 door sensors, indoor siren, motion sensor and a keypad. For more information about Smanos K2 click here

B)     Chaungo AWS1 

The AW1 WiFi security System is a DIY, self-monitored home security alarm system, which is ready to use as soon as you connect it to your WiFi router. You can add more wireless sensors and accessories such as Glass break detector, Smoke detector, Internal and External Sirens, Multi-Beam IR sensors and panic button to the system directly on smartphone app. The AW1 WiFi Alarm System is ideal for residences, SOHOs and small shops.

Chaungo  Security System

The AW1 has very easy plug-and-play setup. Simply plug in the power, download the free iOS or Android app, setup WiFi, add and pair wireless sensors or accessories. You can have your desire setting such as siren volume and time, exit and entry delays, sensor additions or deletions, and many more intuitive settings. You can run the application in three different modes of Armed, Disarmed and Home mode (where the sensors are partially armed when you are at home)
The AW1 backup battery ensures 20 hours of extra running time in the event of power outage or sabotage.The AW1 package included a Hub and Siren, one door sensor, one motion sensor and tow remote controles.
For more information about Chango AW1 click here

C)   Wulian Security Sensors

wulian smart security system

Wulian Smart Home system is based on Zigbee private profile .Wulian provides broad range of smart home solutions including the lighting. Therefore the security system can be expanded to a full smart solution.
The Security systems includes Smart hub, door sensor, motion sensor, smoke detector and panic button
For more information about Wulian products click here

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