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Using Fibaro Relay Switch to Control Smart Garage Door

by | December 29, 2019
Using Fibaro Relay Switch to Control Smart Garage Door

Most of the conventional garage door controllers have the option of using a push button to trigger the open/close command of the garage door.

A Fibaro Relay Switch could be used to control the garage doors as described below:

The input which is used for the garage door push button could also be used by Fibaro Relay Switch to trigger the open/close operation. The Fibaro Relay switch dry contact could be used in parallel with the existing push button contacts as shown in the blow picture:

Fibaro Smart Garage door wiring

Parameters Configuration for Fibaro Relay Switch

Set Parameter 4 to 10 – this will guaranty the Fibaro Relay Switch contacts will remain close for 1s before they open to ensure the open/close command is received by the garage door controller.
S1 and S2 inputs of the Fibaro Relay Switch remain unused for this application.

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