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Wulian is a professional manufacturer and supplier for Smart Home products and solutions. Founded in 2009, Wulian has developed into the leader in Smart Home industry worldwide with advanced R&D strength, comprehensive product categories and integrated system. The current products and solutions cover a wide range including Energy-Efficient Lighting, Security Supervision, Home Appliances Management, Environmental Detection, and more. In 2015, Wulian joined the ZigBee Alliance as Promoter and Director of Board, actively participating in defining and promoting global IoT standards.For more informatin about products click here


FIBARO provides innovative solutions that make people’s life easier by creating a comfortable and safe space.
Started in 2011 with a dream of safe and comfortable living.Within a few years FIBARO made this dream come true and created devices that make up the revolutionary FIBARO System, turning every home into a smart space tailored to the needs of its residents.
European designed and manufactured, FIBARO sells its products in more than 100 countries on 6 continents. FIBARO has  more than 30 patents and 150 industrial designs registered, From concept to execution and from design to hardware.
FIBARO  products combine practical application and modern design. For more information and product inquiry click here

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Aeotec  is a home automation and electronics company based in Silicon Valley, California known both as Aeon Labs and Aeotec.

As a company, Aeon Labs focus is on the development and sale of Z-Wave compatible accessories which it makes available under its own name, its Aeotec sub-brand, and as white labelled goods. Its products are available in over 80 countries globally and include Z-Wave interpretations of motion sensors,[thermometers, remotes, key fobs, and wall switches.Under their own brand names of Aeotec and Aeon Labs, the company have developed their home automation accessories released since 2015 upon a customised Z-Wave Plus platform dubbed Gen5; prior to that Aeon Labs had utilised older versions of the Z-Wave SDK. These own-brand products have been designed to work with Z-Wave controllers such as Fibaro. For more information about Aeotec products click here.


Full service electricians and electrical contractors meeting all electrical installations  in inner north-western suburbs of Sydney. Established in 2000   providing all domestic, commercial and industrial services  across Sydney.

With Help of Aryan Electrical We pride on giving a high level of customer service to all our clients in regards to Installation and Commissioning electrical solutions with a high standard of customer service and integrity and in a prompt and safe manner.For more information click here

uniden security camera

Uniden Australia is part of the Uniden Corporation of Japan, operating globally in America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific. Since its establishment in 1966, Uniden has grown to be a global leader in wireless communications and a major global brand in consumer electronics. Uniden Australia looks after both the Australian and New Zealand Market. With over two million wireless products produced every month and a cordless phone manufactured every 3.2 seconds, Uniden continues to bring outstanding products to people’s homes throughout the world.Smartest Home is Uniden Authorised dealer providing security service in Sydney and Perth.For more information about Uniden products click here.

Established in Fuzhou, China in 2001, Chuango Security Technology Corporation specializes in wireless smart home technology, ranging from DIY security and home automation to energy and health management systems.

On May 13th, 2013, Chuango G5 GSM/SMS RFID Touch Alarm System was the winner of the Intruder Alarm Or Exterior Deterrent Product of the IFSEC & FIREX Awards. In 2013, Chuango established its European headquarters in Hoofddorp (outskirts of Amsterdam), the Netherlands. The multifunctional facility is a design, support and logistics center aimed to serve Chuango’s existing and new partners and clients in the EMEA region.For more infotmation about Chauango products click here.

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Smanos is the brainchild of Smanos and Chuango International Holdings, with a 18-year-long commitment to minimalist design and system reliability. smanos, was recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) as a finalist in the 2014 Tech Home Mark of Excellence Awards – Residential Security Product of the Year, and by Gated Publications with a Luxury Beyond the Gates.
Marketed and serviced from Amsterdam Netherlands, Smanos is our security, monitoring and automation solution portfolio for the global residential and SOHO market, especially targeted at retail channels in hardware/DIY building materials, consumer electronics and IT/mobile accessories. The complete Smanos smart home system lineup speaks pure elegance, self-installation and self-monitoring. From wireless, app-enabled alarm and automation systems to remote security and energy management, Smanos solutions cater to today's homeowners' versatile and mobile-driven lifestyles and ensure they have complete control, comfort and visual confirmation right at their fingertips within a few minutes and easy steps.For more infotmation about Smanos products click here.

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Since 2003 Brinno has built a hard won reputation as a professional design power house with a solid clientele of world class tech firms. In 2009, Brinno envisioned future high growth of imaging market, particularly the potential of time lapse video footage/clips for instant sharing, benefitting from improving broadband speed and easy cloud storage. The firm has since leveraged its deep design experience plus image processing and power saving technologies to produce a family of time lapse cameras, surveillance and security cameras and smart front door security viewers that are ideal for construction, events, observing wildlife and scientific study and travel.For more information about Brinno products click here