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Aeotec Nano Dimmer Bypass


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Product Code: ZW150

Bypass has been designed to make Nano Dimmer compatible with ultralow draw loads such as minor LED and CFL installations,Best suited to sub-20W loads and installations without a neutral.

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Product Description

Aeotec Bypass has been designed for use with Aeotec’s Nano Dimmer. It works with installations that are with or without a neutral wire and enables Nano Dimmer to dim and control super-low energy light bulbs including dimmable LED bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps that use less than 4 watts. When used in conjunction with Nano Dimmer it can help prevent your lights flickering when dimming your lights. Perfectly small but powerful, it measures less than 1 inch, it invisibly installs near your light fitting and takes up next to no space at all.


- Work with Aeotec Nano Dimmer to prevent low-energy lighting from flickering when dimmed.
- Compatible with most of the bulbs including LEDs, Dimmable LEDs, CFLs, Dimmable CFLs and compact fluorescent lamp.
- Tiny but powerful it measures only 0.98x0.39x0.75 inches.
- Works with both 2-wire system and 3-wire systems (with and without a neutral) and works with most of the lamps that use less than 4 watts."