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Fibaro Smart Dimmer2


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Product Code: 250W FGD-212 ZW5

Fibaro Smart Dimmer 250W FGD-212 ZW5

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Remotely controlled light dimming module FIBARO Dimmer is designed to work with various types of light sources.It may be connected to two-wire or three-wire configuration so it can operate with or without neutral lead.

Fibaro Dimmer can switch or dim connected light source either through radio waves or through the wall switch connected directly to it.
New Fibaro Dimmer is equipped with an algorithm of smart light source detection which makes configuration easier and ensures high compatibility of the device.
It may be used as a switch with non-dimmable light sources (in 3-wire connection).
Compatible with any Z-Wave or Z-Wave+ Controller
Advanced microprocessor control
Implemented algorithm of smart light source detection
Auto-adjustment of the appropriate control mode to connected load
Active power and energy metering functionality
Soft start function
Memory of the last lighting level settings
Works with various types of switches – momentary, toggle, three-way, etc.
Active element: semiconductor electronic switch
To be installed in wall switch boxes of dimensions allowing for installation, conforming to provisions of applicable regulations
FGD-212 is an extension unit

Fibaro smart dimmer