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Wulian Smart Home Kit



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Product Code: WL-ZASET-S1121

Wulian Smart Home Kit

(Lighting & Security)

Product Description

- 1 x Gateway Controller
- 1 x Smart Plug
- 1 x Smart Security Camera

Control lighting and security on your mobile from anywhere in the world.
No wiring, easy set up


- Wulian Wireless Smart Camera is a product based on ZigBee protocol;
- Smart gateway and camera;
- Support motion detection and alarm;
- HD optical lens and infrared night vision;
- Tow-way voice and local storage;
- Client terminal video recording and playback;
- Support multi-user sharing and visit.

*Micro SD is not included


Green design conception with low power consumption;
- Control smart devices within LAN even if the internet fails.Smart Home gateway is based on Zigbee protocol.
- Gateway has capability to support more than 100 smart devices
- Easy Installation

Smart Plug
Mobile type;Plug and play to keep the existed socket;
- overload protection and real-time check;
- Control and operate through App;efficient and energy-saving.
- Can control any electrical device such as floor Lamp, coffee machine, etc.

Many other devices could be controlled through smart gateway.
Compatible long life battery , motion and door sensors available at an extra cost.